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an Diego. Louisa is a▓ double major, having obtained a B.▓A. degree in Political Science and a B.A. degree in Communication from the University of California, San Diego. She also undertook broadcast journalism courses at the Univ▓ersity of California, Los Angeles.Louisa c▓alls herself an av

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id globetrotter,▓ whose adventurous side has seen her set foot in m▓ore than 25 countries. As a passionate


anim▓al lover, with two pooches of her own, she regularly volunteers to help animals in need. While Louisa is truly happiest when spen▓ding quality time with her beloved family, her so▓cially outgoing nature means she is alwa▓ys keen to meet new people and expand her horizons.Please scan the

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▓stagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on W▓echatCCTV current job vacanciesCCTV current job vacanciesCCTV current job vaca

ncies10-09-2016 16:27 BJTCCTV-News is China's on▓ly 24-hour English-language television chann▓el. We aim to provide global audiences with a better understanding of today’s China, while offering a Chinese perspective on international news and current affairs. CCTV-News is focused on becoming a high quality, trusted and respected global news br▓and, and a leading source of information on China, Asia and the world.To meet the needs of our expanding pr▓ogram schedule, CCTVNEWS is seeking exper▓ienced and dynamic candidates for the following p▓ositions:Contract length: 1 year (subject to r?/p>

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l▓l TimeAll positions require the following:*  5+ years expe▓rience working in the media industry* ▓ Native English fluency* University▓ degree, preferably in journalism, media, communications, politics or economics* Excellent writing skills* Well-versed in international and regional politics and ec▓onomy* Ability t

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ork fl▓exible and irregular hours* Non-Chinese passport holderTo apply, please send a CV with wr▓iting samples and video clips to: internationalhr@cctvnews.cnPosition: News, Business or Sports Anch▓or Job Description:* Host programs and news bu▓lletins* Anchor live coverage* Conduct interviews with guests and talk live with corr▓espo

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ndents in the field* Record voice-overs, headlines and teases* Provide advice to reporters

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